Review: DML Panzerjager I Kit no. 6230

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Review: DML Panzerjager I Kit no. 6230

Post  Shaggy on Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:32 pm

Hey everyone-
I just got this kit last week, and decided to build it for our "Xtremely Little and Lethal" group build, and I figured I'd do a quick build review for those of you who just want to know how the kit is. It consists of 454 parts ( 27 clear), plus a bag of Magic Tracks, a photo-etch fret, 20 stamped brass wheel rims, and decals for 5 vehicles.
Looking at everything one the sprues lets you know this is gonna be nice. DML's typical molding and detail work is evident throughout the sprues. They include a very comprehensive interior, which includes the drivers seat and instrument panel, ammo boxes for the main gun, etc. Judging from references on the web, they got just about everything!

The lower hull is a one-piece tub that has the fenders molded on. Again, the detail is great on the fenders, and they give you a photo-etch lip to glue on the bottom. One little oddity I found was toward the rear, where the idler mount goes. There should be two holes there, but there's only one! The same holds true for the housing, there is an opening, but no hole! I just found the right size drill bit and drilled out the holes.

Also, I had a little trouble lining up the front and rear plate (D4 and X). Use the upper hull parts to set these, and save yourself a headache. The suspension is the lastest and greated Panzer I suspension. Now we have the new rear idler, and 20 stemped brass rings that fit inot new roadwheels for the proper undercut look. It enhances the look noticably, and didn't take too long. At least there are only 10 roadwheels. They don't give you any for the extra roadwheels they give you, so your stowed ones will look funny.

After i built the lower hull and suspension, I skipped ahead to the gun. It's little gem, a kit in itself, 59 pieces! Some of the pieces are incredibly tiny, I commend DML on being able to cast them. The finished product looks VERY good, this is the crown of the kit! The only little problem is the instructions are vague in different areas, a good picture is helpful!

Sorry I can't get a better closeup this is all my camera can do! Embarassed

I haven't finished the rest of the kit, but test fitting shows no major concerns. My only fault with the kit are the vague instructions, especially woth the complicated gun, and the hole in the lower hull. This kit is anothe DML winner, lots of great detail, nice fit, and very well done. I'm sure there will be plenty of aftermarket stuff for this kit, but it can be built out of th box into a fine model. I just wonder why they didn't include the early and late gunshields? Question
Here's a link to a very helpful page on the panzerjager I, too:

Hope this was helpful. Time for a Scooby Snak!

Shags jocolor
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Nice review

Post  Bulldog on Fri Feb 13, 2009 4:14 am

Bob, nice review I need to get that kit. Regards Brock
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I want to build one too

Post  Jenny Ryan on Fri Feb 13, 2009 5:49 am

I was hoping that through some shrewd detective work I may have been able to photograph one . I came across this picture

A captured Panzerjager I that was brought to Australia & was brought to Australia with an Italian Carro Armato tank , the picture here is in Flinders Street , Melbourne , Victoria . The tanks toured with the War Bonds rally .

The official history was that the vehicle was disabled having its transmission damaged (note the patch applied here in Australia ) . I am not sure of the validity of the markings .

Unfortunately like so many other World War Two vehicle this was sold for scrap metal along with the Carro Armato Crying or Very sad !

Jenny flower
Jenny Ryan
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Re: Review: DML Panzerjager I Kit no. 6230

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