Stalingrad Red Army Rifleman (Wounded) 1941-42 in 1/35th Scale (S-3504)

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Stalingrad Red Army Rifleman (Wounded) 1941-42 in 1/35th Scale (S-3504)

Post  ShawnGehling on Thu Oct 29, 2015 6:22 am

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Stalingrad Red Army Rifleman (Wounded) 1941-42 in 1/35th Scale (S-3504)

By Shawn W. Gehling

I purchased this outstanding “Resin” figure sculpted by Alexander Zelenkov recently from High Calibre Miniatures at the IPMS Vancouver BC, Canada model contest and wanted to review it so others who may not have heard of the Stalingrad series of figures, can find them and enjoy them too.  
You can find this figure and many more on their website:
The figure currently sells for $18.00 US. They have a lot of other really nicely detailed figures.
This figure is well detailed and is wearing the early war uniform (the folds on his uniform are outstanding).
The Kit:
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Contains 6 Resin pieces to complete this figure that have little or no flash.
The Main body, arm, helmet, shovel, knife and SVT-40 rifle all of which are well detailed.
His uniform and equipment look accurate and extremely well detailed.
Conclusion: I have not heard of this sculptor Alexander Zelenkov before, but I will be looking at his other figures soon. The figure is very well done and appears to be reaching out for someone’s help. He can be done alone or in a diorama.
The uniforms and equipment are covered in numerous books, so information on these should not be too hard to find.
I only regret that my painting abilities do not live up to the quality of this figure. I highly recommended it to anyone who enjoys 1/35th scale figures and also recommend checking out the other figures in this series, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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