Sandbags From Chicklets Chewing Gum

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Sandbags From Chicklets Chewing Gum

Post  Tankbuilder2 on Tue Sep 16, 2014 11:01 pm


As promised a very long time ago here is how I make sandbags from Chicklets Chewing Gum Pieces.

You can use any other brand of chewing gum pieces that's available in your locale.

The hardest part about making these sandbags is not to chew all the gum whilst you're working.

Step #1 is to get the gum. Take the pieces out of the package. Do NOT give in to temptation and chew them.

Step #2 is to arrange the pieces in any container that is deep enough to allow you to cover them in hot water. Be sure the pieces don't touch each other because if they do they'll get well and truly stuck together.

Step #3 is to carefully and slowly add hot water from the tap to the container until the chicklets are covered. Again, be careful the pieces don't shift and touch each other.

Leave the pieces to soak until all the coating has dissolved.

Step #4 is to carefully remove the pieces from the water. I carefully pour the water off then gently pick up the pieces and put them on a piece of paper to dry.

Step #5 is to mold the pieces to whatever shape you want. When dry the pieces are still pliable. You can see one bag here that I curved.

Step #6 is to use the pieces wherever you want them and then paint them.

On a tank. (M-551 Sheridan)

Or to protect ammo in a mortar pit.

To line the top edge of a mortar pit. They're barely visible above the trooper that's eating.

To line the bottom of a Vietnam Era M-113 APC for mine blast protection.

I hope this is of some use to you. Comments are welcomed.

Cheers from Peter

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Re: Sandbags From Chicklets Chewing Gum

Post  tigertanktoo on Wed Sep 17, 2014 5:47 am

So, exactly how many of those "DID" you eat before you got all the sandbags you needed for your project?  Lord knows, I'd have eaten at least one of those packs.  LOL.  Great tip and I will certainly be using it very soon.  Got a Afrika Korps Pz III I'm wanting to put some on.  One pack for me and one pack for the panzer.   Smile  Thanks.
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Re: Sandbags From Chicklets Chewing Gum

Post  ShawnGehling on Wed Sep 17, 2014 6:58 am

Outstanding Peter...
Chris, I would have to agree, buy and extra pack for yourself...
Peter it looks like you could put a piece of thread around one end to make it look like it was tied up, or use an blade and scribe/etch
some along the edge to give it that sand bag look or you could squeeze it between two flat surfaces and give it the seam out look.(check out any pictures).
Seam in, or seam out? Tied or tied shut with twine?
Your imagination is the limit.
Thanks again Peter...

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Re: Sandbags From Chicklets Chewing Gum

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