More Tamiya releases for Shizouka

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More Tamiya releases for Shizouka

Post  Jenny Ryan on Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:48 pm

Well Tamiya have announced three more 1/35 releases

25154 WWII Reichswehr Officer/German Afrika Corps Tanker (2-Figures)

25153 Russian Commander Staff Car Set (4-Figures)
Another rebox of Tamiyas Kubelwagen , this time with 4 IBM Russian officer figures

25152 UK SAS Command Car 1944 (2-Figures)
A rebox of the Italeri kit with Two Tamiya figures and accessories

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Re: More Tamiya releases for Shizouka

Post  RoyBatty on Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:13 am

I have to say that none of these have my wallet quite as excited as the Dragon Brits. I wish I could get to have a word with Mr Tamiya, considering the excellent work they did re-tooling the Kubelwagen, Shwimmwagen, and Jeep, what about some of their other oldies that no-one else has kitted yet? I mean the M41 Walker Bulldog, Chieftain, the whole M113 series, M48 Patton, the Saladin, the L.R.D.G. Chevy...Im sure especially other oldies like me, who remember making the originals, would just about weep to see those re-tooled.
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