Uschi Van Der Rostens Woodgrain decals

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Uschi Van Der Rostens Woodgrain decals

Post  Jenny Ryan on Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:17 pm

The great thing about modelling is the amount of people who are coming up with better ideas for modelers , people like Alexander Glass who has a company called Uschi Van Der Rosten , his website is HERE and I have marvelled over the authentic look of his wood grain decals , specially on his Wingnut Wing aircraft he has used to demonstrate this material .

I am glad to say that Alex is now a member of Tanks and Things cheers and he was very generous in sending me some products to review and experiment with .

Soooo armed with a range of his decals I thought the first project I would try would be some furniture from the recently released MiniArt Furniture set .

The reason I chose this set was twofold . 1) The cabinet has nice flat sides and 2) the set comes with two duplicate cabinets which will make measuring the decals on the unassembled cabinet easy while working on the other

The first step was to paint the assembled cabinet , undercoated black and then painted with Lifecolor Paints , colors range from Dust 1 to Desert Pink , as you can see the paint job does not need to be neat

Next was cutting the wood grain decals , I used a variety of patterns and colors and used the darker grain on the darker colored paint .

Next the decals were applied to the front of the cabinet ,

and back . You will notice that the decals have broken in a few locations .

After touching up the broken decals with a fine point brush it was time for the next bit .

Next I added fading with Burnt Umber oil paint on the front panels , the fittings were picked out with Gunze gold paint .

The top of the cabinet which will eventually be dustier than the rest was faded with Burnt Sienna

And the back of the cabinet which is represented as unvarnished timber was airbrushed with some Lifecolor Tensachrome Earth to add a subtle variety in timber shade & faded with some buff oils .

Well I think you can see that the Uschi range of woodgrain decals gives amazing finishes to this simple furniture piece . I really think it lifts the look of this piece amazingly .

I am so looking forward to using the decals on all manner of wooden items in modelling , imagine a weathered wooden cart , or all manner of furniture , the stocks of rifles , specially in larger scales , tool handles , jack blocks , wine kegs, ammunition boxes, fences and doors , the list of uses goes on and on . I highly recommend this product .

For ordering information or a list of available outlets visit the Uschi Van Der Rosten Website and my thanks go to Alex for the review products .

Jenny flower


Jenny Ryan
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Re: Uschi Van Der Rostens Woodgrain decals

Post  beowulf on Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:57 pm

very very interesting

being primarily a car builder the first thing i thought of was a Woody.....then i thought of a Tom Daniels designed Beer Wagon from Monogram........since it has a 'wooden' deck.....last one i did i used very thin balsa to get a proper wood effect.....then i started thinking of props on large scale aircraft

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Re: Uschi Van Der Rostens Woodgrain decals

Post  Jaymes Crowther on Fri Sep 30, 2011 12:09 am

Nice effect I guess half the problem is getting the wood grain I will compare them to using oils as I believe I can get such effects with oils....



Jaymes Crowther
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Re: Uschi Van Der Rostens Woodgrain decals

Post  G Cooper on Fri Sep 30, 2011 2:35 am

It looks like it is going to have its uses to me.

While Jaymes is certainly correct that we can use oils to achieve a wood grain effect, I think I could really have a hard time getting that wood paneling repeated grain pattern that you have on the real thing. I could probably get it in oil, but it would be quite a project to do it as well.

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Re: Uschi Van Der Rostens Woodgrain decals

Post  S P Hammerton on Fri Sep 30, 2011 10:10 am

Excellent review Jenny

As the others have already said, this stuff has loads of applications. I like this a lot.


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Re: Uschi Van Der Rostens Woodgrain decals

Post  ShawnGehling on Sun Oct 16, 2011 6:42 am

That's pretty cool looking wood grain.. I like it.

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Re: Uschi Van Der Rostens Woodgrain decals

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