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New from Inside The Armour

Post  Jenny Ryan on Sat Aug 13, 2011 10:12 am

Well Chris has sent me info of two new sets that he has coming out Very Happy

35035 Sun Compasses
A set of four sun compasses; 2 Bagnold Compasses (as used by the LRDG and SAS) and two standard Sun Compasses as used by 'regular' British and Commonwealth Forces in North Africa
Ideal for detailling the new Cyber Hobby SAS Raider, or your Tamiya LRDG Chevrolet, CMP, or of course Grants, Shermans, Cruisers, Matildas, Valentines Dingos and much more (oooh I have two of the Cyber Hobby SAS Jeeps coming cheers cheers hint , hint Wink )

35037 German Small Arms Slings
Their first set aimed at Axis Modellers
5 x KAR98 Slings
5 x GWR 43 Slings
2 x MG34/MG42 Slings (split type)
5 x Mp40/STG44 Slings
Plus of course all clips buckles and other 'furniture'

For more details visit Inside the Armours website or for questions post them here & I am sure Chris will answer them for you . Very Happy

Jenny flower
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