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New from Inside The Armour

Post  Jenny Ryan on Tue Jul 12, 2011 4:34 am

News of two new releases from Chris from Inside The Armour , I am sure if you have any questions about them that if you write them here he can address them too Very Happy.

35032 Churchill MkIV Turret (Early) Camoflaged
directly replaces the turret on the AFV Club MkIV Churchill kit to give you a turret fitted with camoflage net, as commonly seen in Northwest Europe 1944 to 1945. Contains upper and lower parts of the turret each with limited interior fittings (commander's seat, internal lights, fan, internal pistol port detail) to make it suitable for the fitting of full interior details found in 35022 - Churchill MkIV Interior

35033 Churchill MkVI Turret Conversion (for AFV Club MkIV Churchill 35154)
Directly replaces the turret on the AFV Club MkIV Churchill to make a MkVI Churchill
- Correct square mantlet apperture
- additional conical radio mount for the WS38 radio
- PLM mount apperture
- correctly located ventilator with armoured ring
- additional armour plate added to protect right side of turret ring
- deleted rear overhang on turret
- Turned 75mm barrel included (RB Models Barrel)

For more details of Chris's full range drop in to the Inside The Armour Website

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