Orange Hobby - 40mm Bofors L/70 Barrel for CV9040

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Orange Hobby - 40mm Bofors L/70 Barrel for CV9040

Post  John T on Fri Jul 01, 2011 6:19 pm

Orange Hobby Upgrade Set No. G35-093-48.
1/35 Scale 40mm Bofors L/70 Barrel for Academy CV9040.

Orange Hobby are a company in China who produce aftermarket products for scale model AFVs and ships.

This set contains a beautifully made barrel, flash suppressor, dust cap and clamp all from brass. There is also a new gaiter sleeve made of vinyl.

The gaiter that came with this set had large bits of flash. I was able to remove these with a sharp hobby knife, but it was not easy to cut this flexible material around the ribs. You are left with a seam each side which you can't really do anything about. The real things usually have seams anyway, so it's probably not a problem. They often have a couple of airholes as well.

There is also a part, noted as '1' on the PE fret, for which there is no apparent purpose.

Apart from these minor issues, the barrel and suppressor are beautifully done, with a sharpness that simply cannot be matched in styrene.

A superb piece of aftermarket engineering. Recommended.

Thanks to Orange Hobby.

John T
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Re: Orange Hobby - 40mm Bofors L/70 Barrel for CV9040

Post  ShawnGehling on Sun Oct 16, 2011 6:47 am

It looks great, I'm not a big fan of Brass, but I can really see how this can make a model stand out...
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