Wingnut Wings Se.5a Hisso

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Wingnut Wings Se.5a Hisso

Post  John Short on Sun Jun 19, 2011 8:10 am

I know this isn’t a tank Embarassed but I was so impressed by it I thought I would do a quick kit review on it. This is the first WW1 aircraft I have ever bought / built so I was a bit worried about what I was getting myself into when I purchased it, but once it arrived & I had a look at the kit my concerns vanished. Apart from the rigging of the wings it looks like it will be a pretty straight forward build.

The Wingnut Wings web site is great. You can view & download a copy of the instructions for the kit. They have online hints & tips for building the kit. They also have archival photos etc available for the aircraft. Their online shop was easy to use & they do free shipping of the kits! Total price of the kit to my door was $57.13 Aussie dollars.

The kit contains:
1 Small PE fret, seat belt & gun sight.
1 Small fret of clear parts.
4 frets of grey plastic bits, that on first inspection look free of flash & have nicely engraved panel lines. You also get two choices of fuselage, one with tight fabric & one with wrinkled fabric.
1 sheet of really nice looking decals, one option is an Aussie machine (main reason I bought this kit).
And finally the instructions which are the best I’ve ever seen, AFV or Aircraft!

John Short
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Re: Wingnut Wings Se.5a Hisso

Post  John T on Sun Jun 19, 2011 3:01 pm

That looks like a very nice bi-wingy thingy! And a great review too, thanks John.


John T
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