DIOPARK Factory Tools Set 1

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DIOPARK Factory Tools Set 1

Post  Jenny Ryan on Fri May 13, 2011 10:19 am

Well I just got this set today from Diopark , having got the flowers and dining sets before and being suitably impressed I just had to spread the word on this set !

In the past the old Italeri tool workshop was the indispensable workshop type set available but now there is an entirely new yardstick . Everything within the walls is included in this set ! Thats right , now take a real close look on the table Shocked A model of a KVII Tank !!! Yes thats right you get a model of a model tank Shocked

Now it is a card model which has to be cut from the back of the box (or I think I will use use some bond paper and color photocopy it , allowing for mistakes) but I think this is incredibly nice Very Happy .

Just have a look at what you get in this set spanners , wire brushes , tyre irons , oil can , tool box with removable shelf , pliers , multigrips ,scissors , paintbrushes , saws , wire cutters , shifters , hacksaw , boltcutter , wood saw , hacksaw , divider , files , hammer , mallet , stilson , shovel and shackles .

A work bench with five openable drawers , a stool , two car jacks , a oil drum , four in line valves for some unseen machinery , a pair of gloves , two G clamps , a watering can , a set square , a watch , two small oil/ turpentine cans two funnels , four paint tins (two with lids removed), an anvil , a bench grinder and a bench lamp !

Unbelievable detail , such a level of detail throughout , this set has benefits for larger scale model builders and rather than say it is highly recommended , I will say if you build any AFV's then you should consider this set as compulsory !!!

Jenny flower
Jenny Ryan
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Re: DIOPARK Factory Tools Set 1

Post  John T on Fri May 13, 2011 1:54 pm

Wow, this is amazing! The diorama possibilities!!!

I was just thinking - you could use those valves with some sprue to make some factory or fuel depot pipework. Or use the tools for a tank repairs scene etc. etc. etc. Sweet!!!!


John T
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Re: DIOPARK Factory Tools Set 1

Post  ShawnGehling on Wed Sep 14, 2011 4:40 pm

Very nice.
And since I have never been a fan of Photo etched brass Embarassed Suspect
(just me, not the fact that PE isn't really great). This is really sweet and looks
to be a great addition to any shop/repair vehicle.
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Re: DIOPARK Factory Tools Set 1

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