Firestorm 1/35 Russian Church Ruin

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Firestorm 1/35 Russian Church Ruin

Post  John T on Thu May 05, 2011 5:16 pm

Well this is a special occasion. I opened my wallet.

I received this item today and I was pretty impressed, so I thought I would share. Firestorm is an on-line model/hobby shop located in Australia, specialising in military models, figures and accessories. They also produce their own range of military figures and accessories.

The kit contains 5 pieces (6 in my case due to a break) which assemble to a very impressive building, 16cm x 12cm x 22cm high. The material is a kind of white ceramic, quite hard but as you can see not immune to breakage. Only one piece is resin, that is the small grey object. I assume it joins with its ceramic twin to make a small plinth.

There is no literature with the kit, but it's pretty obvious how it goes together. You just have to work out for yourself what kind of glue you use, surface preparation (it looks fairly porous) etc. And unfortunately the pieces only have detail on one side, as you can see.

Apart from these criticisms, the details are excellent, providing a diorama prop that appears extremely realistic, without being too busy. Also, despite my earlier crack about opening my wallet, the cost is a steal.

I really like it. 8/10

Kit no. FST071
Cost at present time: $ 17.00 AUD(USD $17.51)
Web site:


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John T
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Re: Firestorm 1/35 Russian Church Ruin

Post  kolche on Thu May 05, 2011 5:59 pm

Hi John !!!

It is very good set.Also that me has surprised - Bricks are at different height.It seldom happens in sets from ceramics.
Thanks for the review, for me it were useful !
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Re: Firestorm 1/35 Russian Church Ruin

Post  ShawnGehling on Fri May 06, 2011 6:42 am

This thing is sweet... It screams to have the interior scratch built and made into a Soviet Snipers lair... Some balsa wood and snow. Man that would be off the hook.
Nice review.
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Re: Firestorm 1/35 Russian Church Ruin

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