New releases from Aber

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New releases from Aber

Post  Jenny Ryan on Wed Apr 20, 2011 7:59 am

Well Aber have announced 6 new armor detail sets over three scales this month

In 1:35th scale first

35241 Soviet 76,2mm M1936 (F22) Divisional Gun

35L-081 Set of 2 standard barrels for U.S aircraft machine guns cal .50 Browning ANM2

[b]35L-104 Barrel for Soviet 76,2mm M1936 (F22) Divisional Gun[b/]

[b]35L-112 Soviet 45 mm 20 K tank barrel for BT-7[b/]

In 1:48 scale

[b]48L-23 37mm M6 US barrel to M8 Greyh,M3,M3A1,M3A3,M3A4 Lee [b/]

& in 1:72 scale

[b]72L-57 German 37mm Barrel for Pak 35/36 Early[b/]

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