New detail stuff from RB Models

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New detail stuff from RB Models

Post  G Cooper on Thu Mar 17, 2011 11:23 pm

If you don't know about these guys, then you have been missing a great source for all kinds of detail stuff. They are a good low budget alternative to some of the higher priced aftermarket gun barrels. While not quite as super crisp as some of the nicer stuff out there like Model Point, they still give you a real good deal for the money. There latest is a release of the 30mm Bushmaster barrel.

They have also gotten into doing resin pieces in the recent past, and they have some decent stuff for cluttering up your latest creation. They have this listed as "U S oil can"

Also recently they released a set of ammo for the big old Russian B 4 tracked/towed artillery piece.

They also have lots and lots of other stuff that you could use all over the place on dioramas etc. like lanterns,brass buckets,telephone/telegraph poles, and on and on.

You can check out all their stuff here, and either ask if your local hobby shop carries or can get their stuff; or just order straight from them if that is not an option or to difficult.

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