ARTILLERY from World War I to the Present Day - Compared & Contrasted

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ARTILLERY from World War I to the Present Day - Compared & Contrasted

Post  ShawnGehling on Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:25 am

This book “ARTILLERY from World War I to the Present Day” Compared & Contrasted, written by Michael E. Haskew and published by Amber books of London, UK. Appears to be an excellent reference book for anyone who is contemplating artillery pieces. It is not an in depth book on any particular piece of artillery, but a great overview of all types of artillery from World War I to present day (2010). It covers towed, self propelled and hand held artillery/rockets

The book has in introduction, five sections, (World War I, The Interwar Years, Victory in Europe and the Pacific, The Cold War and Modern Artillery). It also has a great Glossory and Index.

The first 20 pages are a break down of the “The Impact of the Industrial Revolution on the technology of war”. In other words the information concerning the invention and use of artillery up to World War I.

The book consists of 224 pages (134 photographs and 84 drawings/paintings) not counting the two pictures front and back cover and one drawing on the front cover.

The text is entirely in English. I found it to be an excellent reference guide for those looking for artillery (and with the side by side “Head to Head” comparison that they give on some of the artillery) really cool.

I found my copy at one of the local “Half Priced” book stores and it cost me $5.98, which I thought was a great deal.

For those who are interested in buying this the ISBN is 978-1-907446-03-0

Again, I highly recommend it to those thinking about doing artillery.

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