Reality in Scale 16th Century Renaissance Fountain

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Reality in Scale 16th Century Renaissance Fountain

Post  sharkmouth on Mon Nov 02, 2009 4:29 am

MSRP 19.50 Euro

Reality in Scale has many architectural models which can be used in dioramas and this one is of a 16th Century Renaissance Fountain.

In a sturdy box with a nice color cover, we find three resin pieces each individually packaged in bubble wrap. There is also ©️ ZipLoc bag with green fishing line and a bright green length of plastic tubing to respectively provide for the water and pipe. Last is a color sheet showing images of similar fountains found in Europe such as one in a Slovakian plaza.

The resin is beautifully cast with only some slight surface marring which I actually like since it looked like aged stone. The resin used is light gray with flicks which does look like stone and the three pieces do allow for speedy assembly.

I did have to sand the bottom of the column to level it off and keep it from wobbling on the base. After this, the head cap was a perfect fit. While one can cut the included tubing and insert lengths of the fishing line to replicate the water, nothing is provided for the splashing, bubbling, or rippling water within the basin.

The detailing is nothing short of fantastic with wonderful sculpting and execution of the master pattern. Being resin, it is easy to paint although I am tempted to simply weather it and use copper tube in place of the provided plastic.

It is a fairly large piece at 13 centimeters tall and with a base diameter of the same length. So it can be a great centerpiece to a scene and does allow enough room to have figures in the basin of the fountain.

My thanks to Reality in Scale for the sample as it is surely to be a customer's favorite.


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Re: Reality in Scale 16th Century Renaissance Fountain

Post  Tarok on Mon Nov 02, 2009 4:40 am

Thanks for the review, Saul.

I agree with you in that this is bound to be a favourite. I must say though that I find the decision to use the aged-stone type resin, not that it's a big deal, rather curious as I'm guessing about 99% of the users will paint it anyway.

But regardless of the colour/effect of the resin, this piece seems to have plenty of fine details, as evidenced by your pictures. Smile

Thanks again


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