New World Miniatures Private Military Contractor "Pablo"

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New World Miniatures Private Military Contractor "Pablo"

Post  Jenny Ryan on Fri Oct 23, 2009 11:27 am

The changing world of warfare , when armies no longer wear uniforms and where there are no distinct battle fronts , when buisnessmen are being abducted and buisness enterprises are threatened , protection goes beyond the military to the Private Military Contractor (PMC) who is employed to protect civilian concerns . Military trained but working for the private sector these men are usually ex special forces , wearing a mix of military & civilian clothing but true professionals .

With such vital assets being predominant on the battlefield it is only logical that these PMC's are now available in kit form . Enter New World Miniatures with this kit of Private Military Contractor "Pablo" .

Sculpted by Jeff Meckley , in my opinion , the leading sculptor of Modern era figures who is the sculptor behind the Think 180 figures , this resin figure is beautifully sculpted in a very cool stance

As can be seen Pablo comes with a choice of two heads , the box art hatless figure with the cool shades and a figure wearing the standard US Ballistic Helmet without camouflaged cover .

Further it can be seen the figure comes with alternate right arms , the one on the box art is resting on the left or the alternate gesture "Flipping the bird" possibly to passing "regular soldiers" or other colleagues .

The beautifully detailed AR-15 M-4A1 needs careful handling to remove it unbroken from the sprue , first cut the large pour sprue from the bottom , then cut each individual runner from the gun , then remove the flash

Voila , we have a lovely detailed assault rifle (some more fine clean up required)

The detail on the main torso/leg casting , some minor flash on the legs , a sharp scalpel will soon clean that up , note the reversed fanny pack , texture of the belt , the pistol holster and ammo pouches on the Molle vest .

The detail continues on the back of the figure , note the detail of the surecatch on the fanny pack belt , superb and the camelback hydration system , the knee guard pad charecteristically worn around the ankle and the converse air sneakers !

The figure assembled as of the box top , note the right arm & gun is blue tacked in place for the review and the head is a good fit without glue . Note the detail of the neck scarf and the mouth piece for the camelback .

And here the difference of the alternate head and right arm , it is hard to believe it is the same figure . Evident is the close fit of parts , remember the right arms are not even attached but are a perfect gap free fit !

The nature of the "uniform" of the PMC means that these figures are easily adaptable to be US Military with little to no conversion , specially as a Special forces operative perhaps .

Beautifully detailed , superbly posed figure , if your genre is modern , then treat yourself to this awesome figure . My thanks go to Chris Mrosko of New World Miniatures for providing this figure for review . You can see this and other figures on the New World Miniatures Website

Very Highly Recommended

Jenny flower

Jenny Ryan
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Re: New World Miniatures Private Military Contractor "Pablo"

Post  Matthew Sinclair on Tue Nov 10, 2009 4:35 am

Jenny Croft wrote:

Ha! Well at least he's got a sense of humour. This dude would look quite nice against a HMMWV and done up as an SF soldier as Jenny suggested. Oh the possibilities.

Matthew Sinclair
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Re: New World Miniatures Private Military Contractor "Pablo"

Post  Graywolf on Fri Nov 13, 2009 9:51 am

Both of the PMCs of New World Miniatures look superb. I bought Rambo figure as I read Jenny's review and I can say sculpting and casting are really great. Just need a short cleanwork and maybe a little care for the correct fit of M4 to armpit when assemblying the right arm and hand carrying the rifle. Alternative head is also a great bonus.
Jeff did great job on both of the figures,maybe he can see this as the third one. Laughing
best regards
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Re: New World Miniatures Private Military Contractor "Pablo"

Post  ShawnGehling on Wed Jan 26, 2011 8:01 am

Sweet looking character you've got there.
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Re: New World Miniatures Private Military Contractor "Pablo"

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