Some new stuff from Trumpeter

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Some new stuff from Trumpeter

Post  G Cooper on Wed Oct 21, 2009 12:10 pm

Trumpeter is showing some new stuff in their future release listings.

First is a German 21cm Morser 18. Trumpeter is listing it as "heavy artillery". Well at 21cm, I really think that most people would figure that one out pretty quick all on their own Laughing .

Then a couple of figure sets are on the way. One will be of modern German ISAF in Afghanistan. Just what we all need to put next to those little Kittys cat

And also a set of German KSK Commandos. This one is an interesting choice, as I don't see a whole lot of people doing Commando dioramas or vignettes scratch . But they will still be pretty cool.

Now all we gotta do is wait for them to put em in a box, and let us at em Razz

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