Ultracast British Empire Munition Boxes B166

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Ultracast British Empire Munition Boxes B166

Post  sharkmouth on Wed Sep 16, 2009 1:56 pm

Ultracast is well known for their superb aircraft accessories and their armor line, while much smaller is equally as good based on casting and subject matter. Distinctly Canadian, the folks at UltraCast have a small collection of items which they measure and release as sets. These are British Empire Munition Boxes Mk II & Mk III.

Within a ©️ ZipLoc bag with a heavy paper header, we find five munition boxes on their sprues. Each is flawlessly cast but the bottom edge of one (see lower right insert of photo) did have tiny bubbles long the edge. This is not the norm so I point it out as it is easy to take care of should you come across it.

The header does give some information on the uses of the box.

- 3 inch Mortar Rounds (6 per box)
- No. 73 Anti-Tank Grenades (10 per box)
- No. 77 Grenades (34 per box)
- No. 79 Grenades (24 per box)

A visit to the web site, confirms that they indeed have an original in their collection and obviously the set does match the photos and dimensions. A great addition is that UltraCast has given a paint recommendation, Modelmaster Euro Dark Green No. 1764, which is very close tot he color found on the original box's inside and outside surfaces.

This is a great set which simply requires painting, removal with sprue cutters, sanding the bottoms flat, painting the bottoms, and placing in your scene or on your vehicle.

My thanks to UltraCast for the sample. The set can be ordered directly from UltraCast's web site:

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Re: Ultracast British Empire Munition Boxes B166

Post  ShawnGehling on Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:38 pm

Really sweet and wow the detail is great too.
British and Commonwealth troops can no be re-supplied quite nicely.
Nice review again, thanks.
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