Griffon Model WW2 Praga-Wilson Gearbox & Steering levers for Panzer 38(t)

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Griffon Model WW2 Praga-Wilson Gearbox & Steering levers for Panzer 38(t)

Post  Kreighshoer on Sun Sep 13, 2009 8:34 am

This set for the DML Panzer 38(t) covers the Gearbox & Steering Levers included in the kit. It consists of one PE fret measuring 66mmx64mm, a length of 0,3mm copper wire (50mm), a length of 0,5mm plastic rod (100mm), a length of 1mm copper tube (31mm) and a resin part.

This set is very comprehensive and once assembled the original DML gearbox is is lifted to another league of details! The PE thickness is optimal; thin enough for easy bends combined with stability!

Although at first sight some parts do look delicate and difficult to handle, the assembly of this set is straightforward for any advanced modeller! The only precarious step would be to evaluate the correct length of the two rods which are connected to the steering levers on one side and the brake drums in the chassis on the other. However, with enough care this assembly will go on easily and without further problems! Careful study of the instructions to distinguish which part has to be glued where is mandatory though!

The metal covers for the gearbox itself are best annealed before being bent and glued in place!

A full build of a DML Panzer 38(t) with Griffon's updates will follow here on Tanks and Things!


This set upgrades the kit's original item and will resemble an actual gearbox with all details the original one has! The only points to consider are trimming the original kit's gearbox and the above addressed steering rods!

Highly recommended!

Thanks to Griffon Model for the review sample!
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Re: Griffon Model WW2 Praga-Wilson Gearbox & Steering levers for Panzer 38(t)

Post  ShawnGehling on Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:43 pm

More stuff for a 38(t). Yee Ha.
Thanks for sharing this stuff Laura.
Great review.
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