New from Verlinden

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New from Verlinden

Post  Jenny Ryan on Fri Sep 04, 2009 7:48 am

These are Septembers new releases from Verlinden Very Happy

2521 1:35 Cutlery Set PE

2522 1:35 Vietnam: The Wounded (2 Fig)

2523 1:35 LSSC Vietnam Waterline w/ Stowage

2524 1:35 Sherman Crab Conversion (Dragon M4A4)

2525 1:16 German Nebelwerfer

2526 1:32 Luftwaffe Service Area w/ Tools

2527 1:35 Vietnam: Search & Destroy (2 Fig)

2528 1:35 Oak Leafs (leaf set I)

NW35002 1:350 WWII US Large Vessel Railing Set (BB BC CA CL)

NW35003 1:350 WWII US Small Vessel Railing Set (DD DE FF)

NW35004 1:350 WWII IJN Large Vessel Railing Set (BB BC CA CL)

NW35005 1:350 WWII WWII IJN Small Vessel Railing Set (DD DE FF)

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Re: New from Verlinden

Post  sharkmouth on Fri Sep 04, 2009 10:29 pm

They finally got some nice PE going there! I wonder what their price point will be?


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