Griffon Models WW2 German Ammo Boxes/Belts/Drums for MG34/42

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Griffon Models WW2 German Ammo Boxes/Belts/Drums for MG34/42

Post  Kreighshoer on Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:33 pm

This set consists of two etch frets, two lengths of wire and six resin ammo drums.

The pe is thick enough to allow you to bend the material without having to fear that it bends when cutting from the fret and is thin enough to allow the parts to be bent easily. Several tricky foldings have to be done when assembling some parts but with enough care and attention absolutely manageable!

The set has parts to build seven ammo boxes and one tool box with all details covered. A beautiful feature is that a bending stencil is provided so that - if you wish - you can make all handles and hinges moveable with the wire of the set.

The toolbox inlay is split down to six parts plus two lengths of wires are needed to build the handles. the toolbox inlay can be build with moveable hinges. It's best acchieved with wrapping the hinge parts around a small drill and then insert a length of the 0,2mm wire included in the set.

The ammo belts in this set all are two parts assemblies to the benefit of more plasticity.

Several different are included - with all bullets, half spent, spent and some lengths for the ammo drums so that all eventualities of a diorama scenery are covered.

There are enough parts for three carriages for ammodrums included. The carriages assembly is also easy and goes straightforward, again with workable hinges.


This is a very nice set to detail up your MG34/MG42 with lots of crisp details, several choices of options and as a nice surplus addition crosshairs to fit the MG barrel!

Very highly recommended!

Thanks to Griffon Model for the review sample!

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Re: Griffon Models WW2 German Ammo Boxes/Belts/Drums for MG34/42

Post  Jenny Ryan on Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:58 pm

Superb details on a great set , will add amazing details to either a single figure vignette or for detailing a diorama . Excellent review Laura Very Happy

Jenny flower


Jenny Ryan
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Nice review,

Post  grumpyoldman on Mon Aug 24, 2009 1:56 pm

Unfortunately, my ham fists and poor eye sight managed to mangle the tool kit beyond recognition.
I guess it will be another item for the famous battered road side litter. Suspect

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Re: Griffon Models WW2 German Ammo Boxes/Belts/Drums for MG34/42

Post  Richard Marchand on Wed Aug 26, 2009 1:42 am

Great review supported by some very good pictures. Nice work Laura Cool

Richard Marchand

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Re: Griffon Models WW2 German Ammo Boxes/Belts/Drums for MG34/42

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