More Trumpeter future releases

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More Trumpeter future releases

Post  G Cooper on Wed Aug 12, 2009 10:11 pm

The artwork has shown up for some more Trumpeter stuff. No word on release dates or prices, just the box art and some CAD drawings on the site.

First is a set of 1/35 M-16 series rifles. They are going to start off with the M-16 A1, and then the M-16 A2. They list it as coming with photo etch, but I'm not sure what it would be for except maybe slings. So far all there is for these are line drawings and the previously mentioned CAD drawings.

They are also showing the last production Maz heavy tank transporter.

And another armored train car. The treibwagen, or more technically correct, the big armored box with two Pz IV turrets on top train thingy Razz .

And for all you Moon Puppy types Wink , They have two new huge (and no doubt enormously expensive) 1/32 scale wingy thingys.First is the F-14 D

And the F-18 E super hornet.

I am guessing that these are going to come in at somewhere near $200 USD Shocked

And they also have something for those that like the floaty thingys.
First up is a really nice and big 1/350 DKM Admiral Hipper

And then the not so big 1/700 DKM Prinz Eugen.

Now if you want one of these, all you gotta do is wait Crying or Very sad .

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