Images hosting - Imageshack small tutorial

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Images hosting - Imageshack small tutorial

Post  Richard Marchand on Wed Jul 01, 2009 8:40 pm

Here's a small tutorial that should help you get your pictures on the forum fast and easy.

I've been using Imageshack for over 4 years now and found it to be easy to use and reliable. This is not an exhaustive reference on the many options offered but simply the way I use it to post pictures on forums that support embedded image link (like TnT Very Happy ). Your mileage may vary but I hope it will be of some help What a Face

First go tho the website and register: Imageshack

Once it's done you can put a link to it in your browser favorite menu or as a shortcut on your desktop.

To upload pictures open Imageshack and click on the "browse" button

This will open a window where you can browse to the wanted folder and select the pictures you want to upload. If you want you can select multiple pictures by first clicking on a picture name and then CTRL-Left click on all the others. Once your selection is done click on the "Ouvrir" (or Open or whatever language you're using) button.

You will end up with the following screen. Just click on the "start upload" button and wait while Imageshack retrieve the pictures.

You will end up with the following window.

While pretty I don't find it very practical and easy to use. On the "Action" panel on the right click on "Classic view".

Much much better and easy to use What a Face

You have a thumbnail on the left and various code line on the right. I only use two of them:
- Embaddle code: forums (the first line)
- Thumbnail code: forums (the fifth one)

Ok, let's put pictures on a forum What a Face Open Tnt on one window and Imageshack in another.

Start your post as usual and when you want to add a picture jump on the Imageshack windows:

-click on the line you want (Full image - first line) or thumbnail (5th line).
- Press Ctrl-C to copy the link
- Jump back to your TnT post and press Ctrl-V to paste the link into your post.
- That's it, image posted cheers

The Thumbnail link can be practical if you have a really big image to post (say, like 4096 x 4096 pixel) but don't want to slow down the loading time of your post. By having a thumbnail people will see what it is about and can then decide if they want to see the full resolution picture

Now, if someone click on the thumnail image it will open a new window with a bigger picture

You can then click on full size to see it in all it's glory

Richard Marchand

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Re: Images hosting - Imageshack small tutorial

Post  Guest on Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:14 pm

Great tutorial Richard! and the really nice thing is Imageshack is not blocked at my workplace.... What a Face


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Re: Images hosting - Imageshack small tutorial

Post  Kreighshoer on Wed Jul 01, 2009 10:11 pm

thank you for this very easy to understand tutorial richard! Very Happy
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Re: Images hosting - Imageshack small tutorial

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