Ultracast - WWII Steel Munition Boxes C.224 Mk 1

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Ultracast - WWII Steel Munition Boxes C.224 Mk 1

Post  sharkmouth on Tue Apr 21, 2009 4:32 pm

Ultracast is one of those producers where you must visit them often after a new Commonwealth kit gets released to see what is new. Their armor releases concentrate on Commonwealth forces although there are a few German products in the range.

Their latest release as a diorama accessory are thee Empire Steel Munition Boxes. The type of box is C.22 Mk.1 and they were used for packing several items aside from stowage.

- 3 inch Q.F. Howitzer Smoke (12 per box)
- 4.5 inch B.L. Gun Cordite W 1st Charge (6 per box)
- 4.5 inch B.L. Gun Cordite W 2nd & 3rd Charges (6 per box)
- 5.5 inch B.L. Gun 3rd & 4th Charges (6 per box)
- 6 inch 26-cwt B.L. Howitzer 4 lb 6 oz 4 dr Charge (10 per box)
- M.L. 8 inch Projector, Generators Smoke No. 23 (12 per box

As usual, the casting is first rate with no bubbles, warping, chipped edges, or blemishes. This particular set even does not have casting blocks, only a small seam that took seconds to scrape away, ready for use.

Another feature we sometimes find on UltraCast's web site are reference images which are a handy reference for both colors and proportion. Since a size was not listed, it is hard to judge the accuracy but the proportions are visually spot on. UltraCast even included a color suggestion to match the original color of the box!

The only thing I will add are the stampings (using the old Archer Surface Details dry transfers as they are more delicate). Judging by the photo on UltraCast's web site, there will be a C224 and a 1943 added.

I wish one box was offered open and this is my only reason for not giving it top rating.

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